Xbox One

Element is a realtime strategy space game for people who don't have time to play realtime strategy space games.

Home no longer provides a means to survive.
A fight for resources to escape our system has begun.
The future lies beyond…

Element is a visually stunning realtime strategy space game with a focus on sharp, accessible gameplay.

Element is for lovers of beautifully crafted, original looking games. It is for people who are into space and strategy games but don't have hours of time to invest. It's also for gamers who enjoy launching missiles and blowing things up :)

You are escaping a decaying solar system. You must visit each planet, mine enough element, and defeat the enemy to progress to the outer planets and beyond. Generate energy, mine element, build attack and defence units, and destroy the enemy while maintaining a balance between earth, air and water.


Our preferred method to control the game is a game controller. Element supports keyboard, mouse, keyboard and mouse, touch on supported platforms, and a game controller. Any method of input can be used at any time. Community feedback will help us to refine our control schemes and device support.

Game controller support on Windows and OS X uses native input libraries and supports XInput devices where possible. Supported platforms also allow rumble and lighting for selected controllers, and the ability to connect game controllers at any time. Legacy input requires game controllers to be connected before the game launches. Additionally, some game controller device buttons will toggle a free-flying camera mode.

The game speed can be adjusted using the -/+ keys while playing to super-slomo and accelerate time. Use '0' to reset to normal speed. Pause in-game using the menu button on the right side of the screen, pressing 'p' or 'Escape' on the keyboard, or using the menu/option button on your game controller. The game view can be fully controlled while the game is paused.

The game requires a vertical resolution of at least 640px. The updated renderer supports enhanced lighting and visual effects, some of which are considered experimental. Community feedback will help us tune these updated rendering effects.

Linux support for Element Early Access is considered experimental. Community feedback will help us to further refine the system requirements.