Elemental Heroes | Linux

Elemental Heroes

Elemental Heroes is a PVP MMO RPG with classical turn based combat. You will fight monsters, collect resources, improve your magic and army - do everything to win real people in tough PVP! There is a world consisting of three portals to fight and to explore. Each portal has its own rules, opponents and treasures. This game is about tactics, get in if you like this stuff!

- Classical turn based combat system
- Free world PVP
- PVE battles
- Concurrent PVP game mode in 3rd portal
- Upgradable magic and army
- Real-time exploration mode
- Numerous artifacts with random parameters
- Live in-game chat
- Dungeons with treasures
- Powerful raid bosses
- Lots of new game features in upcoming updates and lots of real players that will make your game experience always new!

See you in game!