EPIC + Inferno Bundle | Xbox One

EPIC + Inferno Bundle
Xbox One


From the development team which brought you F-29 Retaliator now emerges EPIC - a sci-fi extravaganza featuring spectacular graphics and stunning gameplay. A legend is born, a supremely advanced one-man starfighter of awesome power and destructive capabilities that, in the right hands, will wreak havoc amongst inter-galactic transgressors - that legend is EPIC.


From the award-winning development team that sent you soaring over the Persian Gulf in TFX: Tactical Fighter Experiment... comes Inferno: The Odyssey Continues, an epic flight sim that'll take you and your PC deeper than you've ever gone before.

Imagine the very best of science-fiction stories all rolled into one. Add an ear-bending 'sci-fidelity' sound track from the ASF (Alien Sex Fiends), then take control. Welcome to Inferno, the most mind-blowing space adventure ever created.

You are humanity's greatest space pilot, commander of the most potent craft in the universe. In worlds of amazing complexity and detail, you'll defend your solar system against an alien race of unimaginable evil. Zoom down to planet surfaces. Tear through interstellar space. Penetrate maze-like structures in search of parasitic aliens... places where mankind should never venture.

And with near-infinite mission possibilites, who knows how long the struggle may go on...