Eridani-IV (EN) | Xbox One

Eridani-IV (EN)
Xbox One

A game by Roll&PlayMedusa

Rules of play: version 0.1
# of players: 1-4 
Length: 15 minutes


  • Two versions of the game: DeLuxe and LowInk
  • 5D6 (not included)
  • Pencil (not included)

Being a settler of the outer planets is not easy, but there’s no other way of life you can compare it with. You can enjoy incredible views of the galaxy’s core or a spectacular starless void,  depending on what point in the sky you look at. You have your own piece of land thanks to the 2105 Colonization Laws. And of course, freedom like nowhere else in the Empire.

Well, and bugs. Loads of them. But a bunch of cockroaches won’t prevent you from enjoying your lands, right? Breaches are increasingly numerous these days and they spit insectoid creatures the size of a cow, dozens at a time. Nothing a stelar colonist commanding his mech cannot handle.

Files include:

  • Deluxe, full color cover and game page.
  • Low-ink cover and game page to save ink with each print.
  • Game rules, two versions: verbose and simplified, right to the point!

Eridani IV is a game designed by Luis Antón and illustrated by Adrián Trujillo.