Eventide | Linux


First off, thank you

Eventide is a roguelike 2D platformer built upon the amazing work by Kivutar, who is currently working on a homebrew genesis game. Seriously, go check it out (https://kivutaro.itch.io/shrine-maiden-shizuka)
He allowed me to use his foundation to build what Eventide is today, so thank you!

Under heavy development!

Please be aware that Eventide is probably not even 50% completed yet. While it's in a functional state, there's still a lot I want to add, like additional enemies, mechanics, and tilesets. I'm only releasing this to get feedback from the people whose opinions matter the most to me - you guys, the players.

OK, cool, but how do I play?

At its core, the goal is simple: Find the door at the bottom and reach as many levels as possible. However, there are a few things stopping you.


You, the player, are an artificially created soldier by an evil corporation. Upon learning this, you make a break for it. Unfortunately you no longer have access to the energy cells provided by them, so you must find them in treasure chests. These will replenish half (50) of your energy. The friendly shopkeeper, who spawns randomly once in each level, can recharge all of your energy, for a price.
Your energy levels deplete every second, unless you're talking to the shopkeeper. Once your energy cell is drained, you will perish. The energy meter can be found at the bottom of the screen.


These annoying creatures were created by the evil corporation, who I have yet to give a name, so we'll just keep referring to them as "evil corporation". They are incredibly weak, dealing only half a heart in damage. However, if they get you in a corner or surround you, the consequences could be dire.
Having said that, Drones can also aid you, in a way. Upon their destruction they will explode, and this explosion can be used to destroy surrounding drones, or deal significant damage to the dark knights.

Dark Knights

Don't underestimate these power houses. Without any additional hearts from upgrades, they will take you out with just two hits, or fling you across the screen into spikes if you're not careful. Thankfully, they are are stupid and slow.
Attacking a Dark Knight from the back will cause a critical hit, dealing extra damage. If you bounce on their head they become dazed, and while dazed will take extra damage from your attacks. Try to line up a drone explosion when you can, as that will hurt them quite a lot. After defeating one of these guys, you will receive a health potion which restores one heart.


They're spikes. What game doesn't have spikes these days? Fall on them and you will instantly die, and probably feel a bit silly.


Eventide is still under heavy development, and so are the powerups. The powerups can be found in treasure chests randomly, or bought from the shopkeeper. Prices at the shopkeeper are pretty low right now for testing purposes, but may be adjusted based on feedback. Currently the powerups available at the moment are:

  • Energy cell: Cells found in chests will replenish 50 energy, while the shopkeeper stocks more powerful ones that will top you up to full
  • Heart: Increases your max hearts by one
  • The cat foot thing: Increases your movement speed by .1 - it doesn't sound like much, but once you hit 2.0 you'll be zooming around
  • Blue potion: Instantly restores 1 heart
The Jump Pad

This is still a work in progress, but it will help you get around, or to jump over dark knights. Just press down+attack to drop a pad on the ground, then walk over it to launch to the sky. It will disappear after 3 seconds or on use. You may only have one jump pad active at any given time.


Arrow keys = Movement and ladder navigation
X                  = Jump
A                  = Sprint
Z                  = Attack
Down+Z     = Place jump pad
Down          = Pickup item, talk to shopkeeper, enter door

Eventide does have controller support. The button binding is based on a file provided by SDL, so I have no idea what they will be. Just press buttons and hope for the best!


I can not draw, nor can I create music, so I rely on the amazing work of other people generous enough to share their art with talentless people like myself.

I'd like to thank Neocrey for his banging tunes. They fit the aesthetic so much, and this game would be nothing without it.
Source: https://soundcloud.com/neocrey

Backgrounds and tiles
The backgrounds, and many of the tiles were ripped from multiple assets provided by ansimuz. The guy is a genius. Please check out his work if you're interested in creating a beautiful 2D platformer
Source: https://ansimuz.itch.io/

Some other tiles also came from BeyonderBoy's simple 16x16 tileset
Source: https://beyonderboy.itch.io/simple-platform-tileset-16x16

If you notice your assets in this game and I have failed to credit you, please let me know and I'll amend it ASAP!
Basically without Kivutar and the asset creators, this project would never be a thing.