EXISTENSIS (demo build) | Xbox One

EXISTENSIS (demo build)
Xbox One

You are an artist in a weird and wonderful world.
You have gone on pilgrimage to seek inspiration
to complete your magnum opus:
A tower that represents the journey of life.
But to finish it, you must find the meaning in
life's end.

Seek inspiration, so that it may lead you on branching paths throughout this colorful world. This demo contains two endings, and three areas (not including the tutorial area.) The full game will contain fifteen areas, and many possible endings. There is no combat or failure state, so that you may enjoy your pilgrimage in peace.

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WINDOWS - Unzip the downloaded .zip file, then open the application within. A prompt should come up asking if you want to "Extract All". Select Yes and once it is
done extracting, re-open the application.

MAC - Unzip the downloaded .zip file and open the application.