Face of Mankind

Face of Mankind is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) in a persistent world. You control a single character in the science fiction game-galaxy and have access to a variety of ever-changing game-worlds. Thousands of players throughout the game galaxy co-operate, compete or co-exist in a realistic and futuristic world of the 24th century. The plot is constantly evolving, with new missions created constantly. The skill and luck of the players from rival factions change the balance of power. High ranked players create missions which are split and handed down through the hierarchy. The objective of the game is to evolve your character to its ultimate potential, whether that is the accumulation of wealth, power, social status or all three. This may lead you to form an economic faction, a mercenary faction, or a cybersecurity faction. The game mechanics allow factions to take control of land by planting a hightech flag device which gives them options to install shops, machinery or taxable market terminals on their land. Face of Mankind is a one of a kind sandbox that allows for dimensions of play most games do not offer. Create a government, a crime syndicate, go to war, explore the galaxy.