Fantasy Action Platformer WIP | Xbox One

Fantasy Action Platformer WIP
Xbox One

Just a quick romp through some levels, beating up bad guys and running from giant rock monsters. All of the levels are unpolished, not tested (with testers other than myself), and may or may not be reflective of the game design moving forward (I got a few ideas on how to shake up the core gameplay loop).

Speaking of core gameplay loop, it's pretty much set. Just have to add some more content, polish, and bug squashing!

This is probably the most polished the game's gonna be for a few months, which is why I'm uploading it now.

Wonderful temporary assets can be found in this collection. Show these guys some love!


  • Literally nonexistant.


  • Player - Unnamed anime girl. Why is it an anime girl? Because I like cute anime girls, that's why.
  • Various monsters - Just kill them who cares.

Level design:

  • Is shit, yes I know. Feedback still appreciated though.

Instructions (Tutorials? Rushed that lol):

  • Keys (controller is supported but I forgot the binds and you can't use skills.)
    • Left, right arrows - horizontal movement
    • Up arrow - jump
    • Down arrow - if in midair, do a stomp attack
    • z - attack
    •  1 -- 9 - skills
      • So far there are just two:
      • Magical wizard buddy - summon some dude to shoot giant ice balls at people. Best used as a shotgun against big enemies (of which there is only one lol.
      • Quick attack - You know Pikachu's recovery in Smash Bros.? Yeah I made that. It's really fun. Not exactly like how it works in Smash Bros. but it's pretty similar.
  • You have to kill enemies, but only some of them? Mainly in the 5th screen because that level is old and I was inconsistent in updating it, but hey, content is content.
  • Collect the big square pictures for new skills! Of which there are two, but they stack for some reason. Unintentional, but I like it.

Known bugs:

  • You can (very easily) go out of bounds on certain levels. (I'm tempted to keep shit like this in for the speedrunners. But mostly because I'm lazy. Then again the ease with which you can go out of bounds on certain levels might make me rethink that to take into account casual players who will completely accidentally end up out of bounds.)
  • 10 skills show up on the hotbar in the topleft, but you can only use 9. This one is pure laziness because I doubt anyone's gonna play for that long. (Please don't play that long.)
  • Yes, that is a debug interface on the big slime. No, I'm not getting rid of it until I add in actual healthbars.

Unknown bugs:

  • Probably crashes if you try to intentionally break the game.
    • Sometimes crashes even if you don't try to intentionally break the game.
  • Unknown clipping behavior with the moving platforms.
  • Unsure of performance on different machines.
  • You may or may not do an unexpected double jump and move way faster than normal. I think I fixed it, but I also might not have.