Fantasy World (itch) | Xbox One

Fantasy World (itch)
Xbox One

Feel yourself a wise ruler with a turn-based strategy in a fantasy setting.


  • Develop your ruler, making him stronger with every victory gained over the enemy.
  • Choose whom he will become in the tree of royal skills, and watch how he changes in the best traditions of RPG games.
  • Save him and continue his development in other games.

Choose a race:

  • You can become a brave knight of the grim human kingdom, or mighty ruler of the elves.
  • You can also become the king of dwarven dungeons, genie, assassin of the dark elf and even the orc!
  • Choose the race that is right for you and start the campaign.

Manage the economy:

  • In order to retain your lands, it's required to direct the population to the extraction: food, gold, and spend what you get to recoup the armies under your banners and improve your fort.
  • If the subject won't have enough food, there will be riots and sabotage in the country!

Capture the lands of enemies:

  • Explore the terrain, look for enemies and grab their land.
  • Overcome the antagonist of the game - the formidable and to the present day of the indestructible dragon and take possession of his riches!
  • If you have a lot of population, but there isn't enough land, the plague may begin.
  • In passing, you can find ancient treasures that will help capture the world, or carry out a quest that you can take in a tavern.
  • You can also try to make an alliance or pay off your enemies if you are suddenly caught unawares and are ready to take revenge on the aggressors.


  • Take an exciting campaign. Help an inexperienced ruler to raise his kingdom over all the other races of the Fantasy World.