Fate's Run | Xbox One

Fate's Run
Xbox One

Fate’s Run’ is a 2D racing game. It follows Mark, a street racer based in the fictional city of San Leonardo, who’s invited by his old friend Paul for a meetup. But at the same time, however, the city is swarming with police who want to arrest our protagonist. Hence the goal of the game is to race across the city as Mark, while avoiding patrol cars, roadblocks, spike strips and other dangers along the way.

 This game is still kind of a work in progress, as I intend to introduce more gameplay features and fix any bugs that might come up during development.

Key Features:

· Top-down perspective

· Single-player narrative

· Expansive map

· Different types of Police who will stop at nothing to arrest you

· Thrilling soundtrack

. Blow your way through annoying traffic

Release date: 06-02-2020