Feathery Ears 羽耳 (itch) | Xbox One

Feathery Ears 羽耳 (itch)
Xbox One

Below the planet's core, Misa wakes up on a pink beach to learn that Gembugs have pulled the stars out of the sky. Her friend Coral gives her a Fire Sword to defeat them. It's up to her to bring the stars back up where they belong.


A cute little project made by 2 people in 3 months.

A retro styled 3D platformer that let's players come at challenges from whatever angle you want. Ashley Dengra is a 9nth grade artist with a sketchbook to doodle her "Original Characters" like Misa Ikko, the green-haired, feathery-eared fire sword girl with a great fluffy green tail.


- Soothing Original Soundtrack made by talented the Naoya Sakamata
- Beautiful Art
- Free Form 3D Platforming Action
- Blade Wave Sword Combat
- A climb from an underground beach below the planets core all the way to the sky!

Message from the Developer:

This game repurposes a lot of assets from my previous work. I just wanted to see if I could do it, and I am really happy with the result. Thought I might also step out of my comfort zone and try to make something wacky for a change. It's not a deep game, but I hope it's fun. I actually tried to ignore my years in art school to come up with zany designs and level themes that I feel a 9nth grader would think is cool (or at least, travel down memory lane to the kinds of designs I thought were cool when I was a 9nth grader). For maximum enjoyment, please take it at face value, thanks!



Big thank you to Naoya Sakamata for the Japanese Localization and OST!