Find To Fix | Xbox One

Find To Fix
Xbox One

Find To Fix is a game made for the Mini Jam 45: Dungeons Game Jam.

A Magical wizard needs your help keeping his treasures safe.  Will you have what it takes to use your 2 pockets to collect the items needed to fix a Wand? 

The Dungeon has randomly generated rooms so every play through has different difficulties. 

I didn't expect it to be this hard to make a project as a WebGL file. This is why its a download file for windows.


E: Pickup item/items

Q: Drop last item picked

WASD and Arrows for movement

Mouse Position turns the player

[Tip] only 2 pockets which is 2 items and dropping a listed item near the Wizard will help him fix the wand!

Hope you have fun and if you can't pickup an item it means it may be to far from you or your inventory may be full.