Fireflies (itch) (Play Fireflies) | Xbox One

Fireflies (itch) (Play Fireflies)
Xbox One

Fireflies is a voxel-based Puzzle Platformer that tells the story of a lost child that has gone trough traumatic experiences that now haunt her, making her live in her own twisted world.

Immerse yourself in Fireflies, a game with a dark atmosphere and dangerous corners. In the eternal darkness of space and time, faint memories roam in the Limbo, some memories lost and forgotten at the same time.

Many will say these are things we can only create by our imagination, and they aren’t wrong about that. In our minds, we hold every fragment and essence of who we are, but in various ways, our path can be corrupted sometimes.

Lost, a child drawns into a perilous quest for light. Facing a stranger and mysterious world built around mixed feelings, dealing with painful experiences, but you are not alone in this journey.

  • Voxel Art: The world is built using state of the art Voxel aesthetics, mixing it's playful art style with a dense and atmospheric world building
  • Dark Atmosphere: Fireflies ambiance is a mix of twisted challenges and gorgeous scenarios, with hints and storytelling at every corner.
  • Interpretative Narrative: The mysteries and the concepts of this world is something for you to unravel, catching hints and constructing your interpretation of the story.
  • Ambiental Puzzles: Every room is a challenge, every stage demands you to use your skills and logic to deduct the way to avoid the lethal dangers and to progress through this world.