Fish Catcher (itch)
Xbox One

This is a lovely catching fishes game. Indeed, unlike “Fishing Game” you've played before, the lively fishes will jump up from the sea. There are lovely pink commonfish, haughty yellow goldenfish, of course, there are still the bombfish what you can not catch!!

1P Up,Down,Left,Right [WSAD] Catch [J]
2P Up,Down,Left,Right [↑↓←→]Catch [Numpad5]

In the game, you can:
--Just catch the fish! Feel happy with it.
--The fish will jump out in waves.
--The day will change to night, and night will change to day.
--Play in double mode, play with your friend.
--Do NOT catch the bombfish, haha.

Who’s Jether? He is a lonely one in China.