Fishing for ATARI | Xbox One

Fishing for ATARI
Xbox One

Fishing for ATARI is a fun fishing game for 2 players on 1 Lynx!

The game is a bit unusual, as it's a 2 players only game, but both players play on a single ATARI Lynx handheld game console. To play, you should lay down the console on a table, and have each player sit on a different side.

Each player will use a single button (DPAD for player 1, A or B for player 2) to try to catch as many ATARI machines as possible before the time runs out.


In the archive are included ROM files in Lnx (emulator) and Lyx (flashcart) formats.
The fully commented source code is also included in the archive!

This game is my entry to the Silly Venture 2019 demo party - Atari Lynx Game Compo.