FIT Food | Xbox One

FIT Food
Xbox One

FIT Food is a multiplayer card game. Have fun playing and learning about food at the same time. How do food items compare on healthiness, cost, and environmental impact? You probably know more than you think - but there will be surprises to you as well.

In the early access version, you can play several game modes from beginner to super-pro in a multi-player mode on Windows, connecting via Steam. A game consists of several rounds with a specific challenge, e.g. "Most calories per 100g". Each player responds with a card. The best (or fastest) card wins the round, the most rounds win the match.

This gets more and more difficult in the higher levels - as the time to check all cards will shrink and the number of cards will grow. So, you will have to know more about food to play the higher levels successfully. The more you know about food the more likely it is for you to win.