Xbox One

Flip is a a puzzle game for your eyes and your brain. It has a simple and easy to understand mechanic, but the possible combinations on each puzzle will require deep thinking to solve them in the minimum number of moves. Play just to chill out or to exercise your brain.

It contains four puzzle types designed to challenge your perception in different ways:
  • Simple: match the colors in as few moves as possible.
  • Sided: match both colors and orientations.
  • Wired: untangle the puzzle! Follow the cable to find the correct position.
  • Image: reconstruct the image form the broken parts.

Puzzles are solved by matching the correct order for the pieces. Each solved puzzle earns stars, which are used to unlock further levels and puzzle types.

Some puzzles types require you to pay attention not only to the colors and symbols, but also to the orientation of the pieces. Others types will provide different visual clues.

There are 25 Achievements to unlock, you will need to master all puzzles and levels to collect them.