Flocc | PC


Flocc is a relaxing, meditative flocking simulator.

Control a flock of starlings and look for more birds to join you whilst flying through picturesque silhouetted landscapes.
Relax and enjoy the mesmerising murmurations created by your flock, accompanied by an atmospheric soundtrack from The Hardy Tree.
Flocc was created by Joe Lillington, an illustrator and author from the UK.
Simple controls, direct your flock to create spontaneous patterns with just one finger.
Five different locations to explore, with procedurally generated landscapes and scenery for a unique setting every time you play.
Discover a unique bird in each location.
Track your largest ever flock size and complete over 30 logbook achievements.
Screenshot function to easily save or share pictures of your flock.
The Hardy Tree appears courtesy of Clay Pipe Music, all tracks written and produced by Frances Castle.