Forager (itch) | Xbox One

Forager (itch)
Xbox One

Explore an autumnal forest, forage for food, find a warm, dry den to make your own and prepare for winter.

Forager is a game by Nate Gallardo and Cat Burton.

An important note from Cat & Nate:

We're releasing Forager in a not-entirely polished state! Unfortunately, after over a year of part-time development, we reached a point where we realised we weren't able to devote the time to it that it required to become the project we initially dreamed of. So you'll notice some rough edges, some flickering geometry, some missing sounds and so forth. That said, it's entirely playable and the the core game loop is functional, so please do check it out!

Finally, we put a lot of work into Forager, so we're going with a pay-what-you-want approach. If you do enjoy the game as it is then we'd be very grateful for any payment you feel fair, but please note that due to its unfinished state we won't be supporting the game post-release. We'd encourage you to play the game before deciding to make any contributions :)

Xbox controllers are supported, but we recommend mouse and keyboard :)