Funball Games VR
Xbox One

It's already here. A collection of six entertaining Virtual Reality games for individuals, the whole family or a group of friends. You do not have to sit in front of the computer while playing. You can exercise and burn some calories in a more pleasant way than in the gym, while playing the game. Let´s try and test yourself against your loved ones and friends. Find out who is faster, better, or smarter. The principles of the games are single, also suitable for children and each game contains instructions. We wish you a lot fun!

The balls are being thrown and you catch them with plasma gloves, bear in mind that with time more balls are being thrown at you. When you do not snatch a ball a faster green one will be thrown and if you do not grab even that one, you will lose one life.

The aim of this game is to create and keep as many balls as possible between you and the planet, bear in mind that the atmosphere of the planet each ball to duplicate.

In this game there is a big cannons in front of you, and your task is to avoid its bullets, but be careful, you only have one life. Flower on hand is little tribute to the hippies.
In this game you catch balls, whose speed is getting higher. When you do not snapch one you will lose one life. Maybe a surprise too.
You have colored balls and from the bottom are rising bubbles of different colours. Your task is to catch the bubbles of the same colour, otherwise you lose points. If you have less than zero points, ending game and you may try again.

In this game, you will be avoid fire columns, they can strike you, but you can also repel them with swords. With each ball you take you gain one point.