Funny Garden
Xbox One

Funny Garden is a casual game. The aim is to grab the fruits and shoot down the pumpkins. Each caught fruit will give you a point. Three and more fruits of the same type in a basket will give you extra points. You will lose one basket for each fallen fruit or pumpkin.

You can use 4 types of shells:
- simple potato. It flies in a straight line
- broccoli, it splits into several balls
- carrot flies fast and like a homing missile
- pepper flies slowly but destroys everything in the affected area
Basket and each type of shell can be upgraded.
The game consists of 25 levels for now and has 4 game modes:
- campaign (You need to pass the level to open it for a game in a different mode)
- survive (Accumulate points and get perks)
- trio-timer (Collect the same fruits to increase the timer)
- payback (Each shot takes points)