Fury Strike
Xbox One

Fury Strike is an 80s-themed fighter game created by Full Sail University students in collaboration with Rooster Teeth. The game features 2.5D cel-shaded graphics, motion captured fight choreography inspired by American Martial Arts movies from the 80s and 90s, and a stamina-based system for move execution. Use a roster of unique characters with custom fighting styles and special moves to battle against our intuitive Learning AI or against a friend in offline matches. Fury Strike aims to bring the fighter experience to a broader audience through unique visuals and streamlined gameplay.

Visit Sunset City as the main character Trey seeks vengeance against Typhoon Tyndall for the murder of his brother. As you make your way through Sunset City, you’ll encounter Typhoon’s Thugs who were sent to take you down.
Explore Fury Strike’s world and characters by playing the available game modes!

Story Mode: Play as either Trey or Audrey to stop Typhoon from taking over Sunset City.

Arcade Mode: Play as any character for an alternate version of the story.

Versus Mode: Play against your friends and foes!

Training Mode: Practice your moves and combos to get better and better!

80s-Inspired Original Soundtrack: The action in Fury Strike beats to multiple genres of music, from hard rock and funk to synth wave pop.