Galaxy Tracker Demo | Xbox One

Galaxy Tracker Demo
Xbox One

There is an endless galaxy creatures can discover, but this discovery is limited by our ways of transportations. While some creatures doesn't move an atomic distance, others able to activate worm-holes  with antimatter energy and enter them with space warp ships which keep passengers alive. And that innovation made some creatures arrive parts of universe that nobody has reach before.

But that is not enough, there is  much greater sources of energy which nobody has dreamed, legends say  somebody  already used unlimited energy but there is no information stayed from there. A Space Tracker may find a source like that, but one of them in a cave that tracker doesn't know which planet and which system, doesn't even  know why staying at there.

This is a prototype concept demo of first person shooter and role playing game Galaxy Tracker. Have  turret bosses and ways of influence game flow by acting or talking, such as save a person or say you will help some body etc. 

In this demo version, there is only one role play scene  due to other actors want to destroy our character.  Neutral characters behavior compleately defined by what our player do, unless he die before our player reach him.

I started  this project with a dream of speace RPG which has fun to play fight scenes if player wish, if I able to found a team  which want to develop a space RPG with adorable fight and roleplaying mechanics . and get enough fund, I want to achieve this project together. 

Default Cotrols:

  1. WASD Walk
  2. Hold Shift: Run
  3. R: Recharge Ammo
  4. Space: Jump
  5. C: Crouch
  6. Mouse Button 1: Fire
  7. F: Interact & Select Dialog