Game Jam of the Week 127 "Heresy at Tannhauser Gate".. um, part 1 | Xbox One

Game Jam of the Week 127 "Heresy at Tannhauser Gate".. um, part 1
Xbox One

December 19.. not done, lots of errors, some stuff moves too fast,  nothing to do....but it's pretty.. lots of errors mar it's beauty though.... 

December 18.. .I do not think I will be finished in time for the jam.. so I'll finish what I'm missing next week.. 

The idea.. the Player is in charge of a spaceship near a planetary system.. on the planet (or the moon) there is a Heretic.. the heretic is hiding, and the Player must reveal the heretics location..  If I can get that done, I will be happy.. the game needs so much more.. and I took out a bunch of stuff that works, like the guns, cause I'm re-working them. .. but not finished,.. there is NO game here.. yet. 

I've been working on my Warhammer 40K fangame for a while now, but this week, I re-did everything, how the planets are made, how the ships are destroyed, and just updated the code with what I've learned over the last few months.. redid ALL the art....  I got dismayed a few months ago, looking Thingiverse.. and well, the models there are very nice, so, I either begged borrowed or traced bits from Thingiverse crontributors MK_Industries, Italian_Moose, Marc Truis and Chios.. (not their models, but using their models saved me a ton of time, research and measuring.. so I'm grateful for that)

so.. long term project is to simulate the Warhammer 40K universe from the time of the Second Founding to the beginnings of the 41st Millnium.. a labour of love, a passion project. 

I am more of an art person, an environments guy, a multiplayer combat level designer than a "gameplay" person.. like,  like, choosing what weapons and encounters to put in the game, and keeping it Loreful.. I'm going to do my best to get the basics in, but long term goal is to get some more people onto the project, and really define it then.. until then I've some nice ideas about how to do the Warp, and well a bunch of stuff you can see in action on my youtube.. but, this here, is really "dumbed" down,  no warp travel, no galaxy map.. but, go check out the videos

did I mention I'm looking for a Designer and a Lore person for the 40K fangame?