Gary The Gardener | Xbox 360

Gary The Gardener
Xbox 360

Help Gary to sow his little and funny shaped garden in this simple puzzle game.

This is my first full project so any type of feedback is extremely appreciated.

More level and features are (maybe) coming in future.

How to play:

-Plant seeds by walking on tiles
-Plant the number of seeds required 
 and exit the level
-Passing on a sowed tile 
 causes game over
-Walk on a tile with weeds to cut them off


-At the start of the level place Gary
 by clicking on a tile
-Use Arrow Keys to move gary around
-Press 'R' to restart the level

Thanks to the testers:
-Ely707 -Vitto
-Pitto  -Dario -Tumpai
Super thanks to the music & sounds guy: Fiorenz