Gas And Guns | Xbox One

Gas And Guns
Xbox One

Small prototype made for the November monthly challenge of the Geneva Game Dev Meetup.

The monthly theme was : race and permadeath. I was trying to made a small local multiplayer arcade racing game  where you can loose parts and then fix/upgrade the car with money won by ending the race. Of course if your car is destroyed you start again from scratch.

Made on Unity 2017 because I was trying to port it to PS Vita also (unfortunately it runs at 3FPS like this and I can't debug / use a profiler on the console)

Up to 4 players (Thanks to Rewired plugin), P1 and P2 can use the keyboard or you can use XBOX controller or equivalent game pad.

First trial with toon shader since I was looking for Cel-shading effect on cars and terrain but I have a long way to go to master it.

First "real" trial at 3D modelisation with Blender 3D for the car. Not so obvious but not bad for a first time. 

Performance are sub-optimal. If I ever touch this prototype again I will check in the profiler what happens.

Player 1 Keyboard:

* Up/Down arrows: Accelerate / Brake
* Left / Right arrows: Turn left / right
* End: handbrakes
* Backslah: change view
* Backquote: respawn vehicle
* P: pause

Player 2 Keyboard:

* Z/S: Accelerate / Brake
* Q/D: Turn left / right
* X: handbrakes
* V: change view
* R: respawn vehicle
* P: pause

XBox Controller:

* Left/Right trigger: Brake/Accelerate
* Left Stick X: Turn left/right
* B: handbrakes
* Right stick press: change view
* Y: Respawn
* Start: pause