Generals & Rulers | Xbox One

Generals & Rulers
Xbox One

You take control of the country and begin to fight with neighbors for the expansion of your empire. We tried to throw out the whole grind from the strategy game. All boring and annoying elements. There remains essentially pure tactic and strategy. The game is not just dynamic - the "Generals and Rulers" is the dynamics itselves.

The game has a huge number of development options and you can play 10 games that will be completely different and not similar to each other. High replayability is probably one of the main trump cards of the Generals and Rulers.
In the basic version of the game, we added 4 maps for two different eras. 1207 is the year when the world began to learn about the Mongol invasion. It seems that Asia can still confront them, and in Europe the Holy Roman Empire dominates. Whether you want to play for the Mongol Horde or choose any of the other 80 countries - it's up to you. For each of the countries the game will be completely different - just as the complexity of the game will be completely different.
1750 The Ottoman Empire is strong in Europe, China has already woke up and began to unite its lands. Which side will you choose from 60 playable countries of Eurasia?
What is in the game in terms of numbers:
- 2000 regions on the map of Eurasia and North Africa. The map has never been so detailed.
- 30-80 playable countries on each map
- 32 types of sciences
- 12 types of troops
- 5 types of attacks on neighboring countries
- The length of each batch of 2-4 hours
- Wars and battles, Rebels, Influence of religion, Mercenaries, Diplomacy, Spying, Trade relations with other countries, Advanced AI and of course Science, Building armies, Improvment of units
The game is planned to make a lot of maps. From ancient times to modern times. So that everyone will find the one that will appeal to him.