Ghost Hospital | Xbox One

Ghost Hospital
Xbox One

Ghost Hospital is a game about anxiety, depression, despair, mental rock bottoms, and, of course, ghosts. You play as Robin, a twelve-year-old girl who has an anxiety disorder and is very much alive in this hospital meant for beings that are not alive. Frankly, her anxiety was already bad enough before she landed in a hospital full of dead people, the still-shambling shells of ancient ghosts who try to take her down for a sweet taste of life, and the hospital directors hellbent on keeping her contained, and more importantly, away from the reason she's REALLY there.

Thankfully, you have your new friends Jay and Sarcastic Ghost- Jay is a ghost about your age, and still a very new arrival to the hospital, and Sarcastic Ghost…well, he's an amorphous blob of a ghost, who talks a lot despite not having a mouth.


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Lead Game, art, and story director: Lev Lefton

Assistant Developers: Tredlocity, C / Ghoultreats

Assistant writer: Rosemary Arnold

Assistant concept artist: Maggie K.

Music: Kendall Mcintosh, CMDonovann

Other music: TeknoAXE, Sim Gretina, Aaron Spencer

RPG Maker Resources: Yanfly, Victor, Freepik

Special thanks: Rob Kvacek, zephror, Nitro Rad