Ghoul Slayer: 30 Waves | Xbox One

Ghoul Slayer: 30 Waves
Xbox One

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Ghoul Slayer: 30 waves is an arcade style survival game in a 2D platformer style. The mechanics of the game is to survive from continuous onslaught of Ghouls in a small area for 30 waves however surviving would not be easy since the enemies are overpowered . But do not worry since you can win the game just keep on trying .

The story goes with a simple adventurer known as "Ghoul Slayer" (This is somewhat inspired by the Light Novel "Goblin Slayer" although they have different paths and storylines). Okay now Again, the story goes with a simple adventurer known as "Ghoul Slayer" with a mission to save the Noble girl from the ghouls and in order to do that he have to face them for 30 waves.

There is no depth story in the game yet about why does Ghoul Slayer need to rescue the Noble girl however there will be in the future. (Probably at the final release)

The game is near complete (around 50% - 60%) I just want to share it so people could try and play the game and wish that they will like it!

Note: I will finish the game, I promise I will finish this no matter what.  So please support me so that I will have the strength to finish it!

Lastly, mabuhay everyone! and mabuhay Philippines!