Glow Ball - Not A Billiard Puzzle Game
Xbox One

A complex and unusual puzzle game about a glow ball with nice graphics.
Glow Ball wants to shine at the felt of a billiard table. He wants to get a number, and perhaps become a cue ball.
He doesn't want to jump all his life on these fkn plates in this game. So help him to become a billiard ball! Fulfill his dream!

You have to move across a series of bouncy platforms and pick up all coins on the scene. Once all coins are collected, the exit will appear. Most platforms are perfectly harmless, some have additional qualities, such as being destructible. Some of them kill you.

- An arcade puzzle with simple controls.
- The game focus on logical and conceptual challenges in 3D space.
- The game have a simple set of rules. Easy to learn, hard to master.
- Attractive graphics and atmospheric soundtrack.