Glow - Playtest One | Xbox One

Glow - Playtest One
Xbox One

Hey there! We are H2ohno, a second year Game Development team studying at Falmouth University. We're creating "Glow", an underwater third person puzzle thriller featuring Glow, an aquatic creature seeking out their friend, Blossom. Use the mirrors to traverse through the darkness and save your friend!

This is our first playtest and thus focuses on the main core gameplay loops. There isn't much to it, but any feedback you guys can give would be amazing. You can play this game via mouse and keyboard OR controller and highly suggest you do both if you can. (The controller controls have been changed recently. Use the triggers to move and the right analogue stick to move the camera, X to interact.)

We have a quick questionnaire to gather your feedback. Alternatively, contact us via Twitter @Underwaterglow to let us know your thoughts, feedback and suggestions!

Edit: Version 2 now uploaded. Patch Notes:

- Fixed holes through the floor around the map

- Changed from .7z to .Zip