Golden Valley
Xbox 360

Virtual pet made for Porpentine's PetJam. Can you keep your pet alive, disease-free, fed, entertained and educated for seven days?

A few things I'd like to improve, before the end of PetJam:

  • Click events on buttons don't always seem to work -- this is seriously irritating me. [UPDATE: I think I improved this a bit but if anyone has any clues about this I'd be delighted to hear 'em. Maybe it's a Firefox thing.]
  • I like that the status updates are confusing but maybe they shouldn't be this confusing, especially when the pet has multiple problems at the same time. [UPDATE: This is better now... I think just confusing enough without being completely unfair. Sometimes your pet dies because you weren't aware of a problem until too late, but that's kind of by design.]
  • It would be nice for the end screen to say a bit more about the pet's life over the past seven days. [UPDATE: I'm still adding more words all over the game.]

It works in Firefox on Win 8, and on Android default browser (but doesn't scale, so good luck with that). I won't have time to test it on multiple environments so for optimal results play on my laptop. Version 2.0 would start with a complete rewrite as the code's an absolute rat's-nest at the mo... but no prospect of that for now.