Gradius 3 Total Terror | Xbox One

Gradius 3 Total Terror
Xbox One

Old-school 2D space shooter! Written in pure C/C++ :) Very nice! :)

Similars: Gradius3 (SNES, MAME); Gradius IV (MAME); Gradius I, II (NES); Gradius Advanced (GBA)

Control Keys:

Enter - start / pause

Arrows - ship control

Left Ctrl - firing ammo (number of shots - infinity)

Left Alt - bomb drop (maximum number - three)

Esc - exit the game immediately


The game is a 2D space shooter with a third-person side view. Flight direction - to the right.

The game is made as a remake - it strongly resembles Gradius3 under SNES, but with its original elements!

Locations, opponents, bosses - everything is here: from similarity to Gradius3, to original solutions!

Your task is to fly around 4 planets and defeat the opponents who have captured these planets and are conducting activities to pollute them.

Locations, the behavior of enemies and bosses - is determined, the brain, as the game progresses, gradually remembers the locations and habits of the enemy, in the end - we move further and further and go through the game to the end!

The game was created with an important rule: "Each level is unique!" Terrain, opponents: on each planet - different! No repetitions!