Graveyard Birds
Xbox One

Graveyard BirdsGuide Lemmy the bird through a slew of devious levels and escape the clutches of the undead. Features
  • Explore A Serene Ghostly Cemetery!
  • Find your three friends - Ben, Sven, and Glenn - to help get through roadblocks in the levels!
  • Shoot fireballs, and upgrade them with special abilities!
  • Escape or destroy spooky scary ghosts!

Graveyard Birds comes with 50 mind-bending stages of puzzle action. Lemmy will have to activate secret mechanisms throughout the levels in order to make his way through - all while avoiding capture by the graveyards resident ghost birds. Luckily he's not on his own - recruit the help of his three buddies Ben, Sven and Glenn in order to use their special powers. By carefully ricocheting off of walls, lighting fires at ancient altars and arcing your shots, hopefully you can find your way through!About usThis is the first collaboration of Artist and Composer Dmitry Petyakin and Programmer and Game Designer Daniel Spencer.