Gygis TD | Xbox One

Gygis TD
Xbox One

Welcome to Gygis TD!

I am GygisDev with Gygis Games. 

This is a Sci-Fi  Tower Defense game inspired by the classics. Defeat The Hive to stop the aliens from infiltrating your base!

Left-Click: Select/Place/Upgrade/Sell/Change Speed

W, A, S, D: Move Camera

*NOTE: The "Settings" and "Credits" buttons on the main menu are not functional at the moment. Please let me know of any ideas, suggestions, concerns, bugs, etc.

This game is just the demo including only the first level. The design/asthetic of everything is subject to change because I'm still working out exactly how I would like the game to look. The only caviat is that it will for sure be a Sci-Fi theme. Any suggestions and critique are more than welcome! I am here to provide entertainment doing what I love and I am also here to grow as a developer. Please refrain from  holding back in your comments and let me have it! I do appreciate compliments and  kind words though =D