Hacker Evolution Duality

Hacker Evolution Duality
Xbox One

Hacker Evolution Duality is the hacking simulator game, the third installment in ExoSyphen Studio’s Hacker Evolution series.


The game follows an unnamed hacker who confronts malevolent AI that tries to control all the servers in the world.


The game shares many similarities with other hacker simulators. The whole gameplay takes place on the main hero’s computer desktop. You hack servers, take money from the banks, upgrade your hardware and software.
In contrast to the previous Hacker Evolution games, Duality is a much more accessible entry, even though it is still a niche game with a steep learning curve. Servers in the game have two primary stats: firewall and integrity. Lowering first one lets you access files or take the money from it. If the server’s integrity drops, it gets destroyed. To do so, you can use several hackers “weapons,” such as a DOS attack or EMP attack. Besides the usual servers, there are some AI controlled, that can attack you back.
The game is very fast-paced. Every minute of the game costs you some amount of money. Such mechanic makes time-management and quick decision-making an integral part of improving in the game.
Hacker Evolution Duality also offers a multiplayer with different modes where compete against both other players and hostile AI servers.