Hades' Star
Xbox One

Leave your mark among millions of players in a persistent galaxy that constantly grows and evolves.

Hades’ Star is an innovative online space strategy game. You are in control of a growing Empire, starting with a single planet in your own corner of space. Over time, you’ll expand to own multiple outposts, command a formidable fleet, research advanced technology, participate in diverse missions and manage relationships with other players in the game.


  • Colonize numerous planets and watch them grow from lifeless rocks to central hubs of activity.
  • Optimize trade routes, mine resources, explore new space and defend against the indigenous, mysterious alien space race
  • Build combat, mining and trade ships and customize them with powerful modules
  • Establish diplomatic relations with other players and dictate your rules for economic and military cooperation
  • Work with other players in dangerous Red Stars and retrieve resources before the star goes Supernova
  • Compete for rewards in the intense, rapidly collapsing Blue stars
  • Organize with other players in Corporations and participate in highly strategic White Star missions
  • Play and grow at your own pace: Nobody will unfairly steal your resources while you are offline