Happy Critters | Xbox One

Happy Critters
Xbox One

Stop the mean Pouchy, save the little Critters and restore the harmony in the world! Happy Critters is an adorable puzzle game with loads of levels, ranging from easy to really challenging ones for you to enjoy!

The little Critters have enjoyed their safe and carefree lives in their beautiful forest, until one day everything began to fall apart, all the Critters were simply gone and their homes faded away! The worst manikin of them all appeared out of nowhere and started to capture little Critters. We need to save them! You're our only hope!
Happy Critters is not your everyday Match-3 title. It is easy to learn, but quite difficult to master, because of its 120+ levels which range from easy to very difficult, as well as the gameplay itself that lasts longer, and requires more engagement and focus from the player in contrast to the average title in the genre.

• Amazing and dangerously addictive match-3 gameplay;
• More than 120 levels;
• Within 120 levels there are 20 extra challenging master levels and by solving all 20 of those you’ll save 20 Critter species;
• The map expands as you advance through the game;
• Loads of great bonuses, and some obstacles;
• Player is able to use special offence and defense tactics;
• Difficulty varies from very easy to very challenging;
• Easy to play, difficult to master;
• Pleasant and relaxing backgrounds;
• Great animations;
• Support for several profiles in the game;
• Cute Critters.