Haunted Garden Simulator | Xbox One

Haunted Garden Simulator
Xbox One

Core mechanics: will be running around and planting your garden of plants and towers to protect the plants. With a day night cycle, players will manage the oncoming waves of enemies and protect their garden

Ideal player: A player that wants a exciting puzzle like game with bits of narrative into it.

Story: Your pet wanders away while ur at school, You find your pet has wandered in an old abandoned home. A wealthy but sickly looking girl is inside the place and she leads to where your pet goose is snacking on some plants in an indoor garden. When ur pet notices you it wanders back to you and it goes through the girl. She offers you a deal to get ur pet back you have to help renovate her garden and home. The task seems more impossible given that there enormous insects and living plants that surround the garden. (ghost girl was sickly and often went to the garden to relax when alive, she also used to maintain the place. She got worried that she wouldn't be able to live long enough to see a certain special plant bloomed and developed this super strong fertilizer but that created the giant insects that eventually wrecked her home and killed her). Clean up the garden so she can see that plant bloom and pass on happily. All she gives you is some bug spray and seeds.