Heal Them All ! | Xbox 360

Heal Them All !
Xbox 360

This Unity project was realized for my second GameJam : MiniJam#45_dungeons

Limitations : Additional theme : POCKET SIZED

Synopsis :

Infections declared war at your human body host. 

As a white globule (who can easily fit in a pocket), you have to find infections and destroy them ! Time is running out... Good luck.


My personal record for the game is Infection Level 6. What's yours?

Controls :

Use the ARROW KEYS and SPACE BAR to shoot ! And set the sound on :)

Remarks :
  • As a dungeon theme, I tried to mimic games I loved like Doom or Might & Magic in a kind of old FPS rendering.
  • The limitations "helped" me to find the idea of being in a human body as a white globule and fighting infections.
  • I spent hours on create an automatic generated dungeon. It was fun ! I can set number of rooms, size of rooms, and put doors on any wall of the room.
  • I had so much difficulties trying to allow gamer to shoot with the mouse cursor. I really failed and passed too much time on it... The fire action is now very simple.
  • I improved a little bit in graphics using Piskel for making animated gif of life constants in the game. But, It's still my weakness. As you can see, 3D objects are just basic shapes :(
  • Music and sound effect are free to use from the Youtube library

Anyway, I had a really good time making this game. It was sooooooo cool !