Heart Beat Jump | Xbox One

Heart Beat Jump
Xbox One

A musical platformer where you are chasing after your other half.  Try to produce the right melody! Correct platforms add to a shattered heart in the distance. Fill the heart and reconnect with your other half!

Complete the correct melodic platform sequence and collect the hearts on the way to the top.

How To Play
  • Controllers and Keyboards are supported
  • Move: D-Pad or Left Analog stick - Arrow keys or W,D keys
  • Jump: A button (Xbox Controller) - Spacebar
  • Mark Turowetz - Game Designer
  • Owen Cooper - Composer/Sound Designer - owencoopersound.com
  • Leo Jasso - Lead Programmer - goodenoughgang.com
  • Eric Jasso - 3D Artist  - goodenoughgang.com

Made for the Global Game Jam 2020