Hector: Episode 2 | Xbox One

Hector: Episode 2
Xbox One

Hector Episode 2, subtitled Senseless Acts of Justice, is the second chapter of a three-part episodic adventure game. It was released as a standalone title, and directly follows the events of its predecessor, Episode 1 - We Negotiate With Terrorists. You take on the role of Detective Hector - a constantly drunk police officer that investigates the case other cops can’t solve. The game features tough humor and adult language.

The game starts as Hector survives the sniper’s shot and the explosion of the building. Together with his assistant Lambert Hector starts the investigation that must lead him to the crime’s mastermind. You need to collect the evidence and punish the organization responsible for the explosion.

As a classic point-and-click graphic adventure, Hector is heavily focused on dialogues with NPCs and puzzle solving. However, in this game talk is more significant than your ability to match things together collecting the clues. Some issues can be solved if you convince your opponent to perform a certain action by choosing the right lines in dialogues.