Hello Angry Neighbor-A Maze!!

Catch Them or Paint Them! What Can You Do?

Welcome to the crazy world of the neighbor hide n seek. You are stuck with an angry neighbor in a maze from which he won’t let you escape. Hello Angry Neighbor offers you a versatile gameplay experience you never had before. You have the option to play as a NEIGHBOR or as a RUNNER.


If you choose to play as a Runner, you have to paint all the floor tiles. When you walk on a Green tile it is painted as Red. You have to paint all the floor tiles to Unlock the Exit Doors. But it not easy the neighbor is trying to catch you & your AI mates. If he catches you it will be the end of your chance to escape so do not let him near you. If he’s getting closer go to a SAFE POINT. The neighbor can’t enter the safe zone while you standing on it. So he’ll probably move away to catch others. That gives you a chance to paint the remaining floors. But be careful only one runner can use a single safe zone so whoever gets first can use it. The other one has to go somewhere else. When all the tiles are colored GO THROUGH THE DOORS to win the game.


Don’t like to run? You can play as a neighbor to catch them. CATCH ALL RUNNERS before they paint all the floor tiles. If anyone of them escape the door you have lost your chance. Trick them from going away from safe zones & then catch them off guard. You win when all the runners are caught.
You can design your own gameplay i.e. select the NUMBER OF RUNNERS , ENVIRONMENT SIZE, DIFFICULTY etc. We have given you all the control you need to test your skills.


• Paint The Floor
• Two Game Modes
• Arcade Mode with Level Progression where you randomly play as a neighbor or a runner
• Design Your Own Game
• Multiple Player Roles (Neighbor & Runner)
• Holes to Increase Difficulty
• Easy Swipe Controls
• Multiple Characters
• Infinite Levels
• Unique Map Generation
• Funny Sounds
• Leaderboard to Compete with Friends