Heroes Rescue | Xbox One

Heroes Rescue
Xbox One


This is not the typical story. We should not rescue a beautiful princess locked in a big castle. It's a change of script, quite the opposite. In this case we are "FRYO", a famous cartoon character. 

Our mission is to rescue heroes of comics and cartoons of our childhood trapped behind bars.

The game

In Heroes Rescue you have 3 lives to complete the 13 levels to finish the full game platforms action. During the game, you'll collect items as jewelry to increase your score. You'll also find a heart that will reward you with an extra life.


Calculates well your jumps. Stop for a moment at every level and studies the movements of your enemies so you can avoid them better.


In most platformer there are enemies, and this is no exception. Must dodge all kinds of character with your only weapon, jumping!

You will discover for yourself, some will surprise you.

Be careful, some blocks map can fool you and not be what they seem, you could fall into traps or directly on an enemy.

The game is FREE. A donation is welcome.

Developed in 2016 for AMSTRAD and SPECTRUM by Javy Fernandez - DD Studios (Defecto Digital).

Made with AGD by Jonathan Cauldwell