Holt (FatherFrog) | Xbox One

Holt (FatherFrog)
Xbox One

*This game currently has controller inputs. Keyboard compatibility is currently being worked on*

The Story:
Enter the world stricken by war and see it through the eyes of a young boy named Holt. As Holt you enjoy your simple life on the shore with your family on your home world. However, you are surrounded by the aftermath of a huge battle. Explore the world, solve puzzles and discover the true story behind the war.  Things may not always seem as they appear. Join The Discord! My twitter: @RealFatherFrog This is a demo for Holt and you may find game breaking bugs. This does not reflect the final game. Please report any bugs or errors you encounter in your playthrough, I will be sure to fix them as soon as possible Art by @UnfuneralOD