Hook, Line & Sinker | Xbox 360

Hook, Line & Sinker
Xbox 360

NOTE: If you're having issues with framerate, try changing your browser. I originally used Firefox and had a consistently low framerate. But after changing to Google Chrome, the FPS increased dramatically to a steady-ish 60.

Hook, Line & Sinker is an action platformer where the only weapon is a grappling hook. Players zip across the stage, gaining momentum to smash into enemy units and gain the highest kill count possible.

That about sums up the game, really. I'm just uploading it here so people would be able to playtest the game. Speaking of playtesting, I really would appreciate it if you sent me your feedback. Any bit of criticism will help. My contacts are @largemem on LINE and 'Adam G.#4096' on Discord. So yeah, that's about it. Toodles.