Hooligan Vasja
Xbox One

Hooligan Vasja that is a colorful and entertaining time killer.

Your goal is to reach the roof, fighting with different opponents. There is a powerful boss just under the roof. Be careful, the obstacles are extremely dangerous but you can knock them down. The first level is easy but the following ones are progressively more difficult. The opponents become faster and meaner. Your weapon is a sturdy slingshot and firecrackers. Protect your friends who are helping you.FeaturesOnline Leaderboard, various achievements and collection cards will warm up your gaming experience.VasjaVasja is a hooligan. He is always up for some mischief.MashaGrammy Masha is a kind person but likes to spread gossip.StepanGramp Stepan is very grumpy and always displeased.SvetlanaSvetlana is a blonde girl neighbor who just loves herself.SlavikSlavik dreams of becoming a chef. A big foodie.ClownThe clown loves his job but hates children.