Hospital 9
Xbox One

Hospital 9 is a little game for players who want to easily enjoy a FPS adventure game.

The goal of this game is to get to the last scene.

What's unique about this game?

1 "No flash light present"
The lighting of this game is the LED light that RINA, a female friend of the player has.
It's a unique lighting effect that makes you feel as if you're groping.

2 "Female Friend RINA"
Your girlfriend follows you and illuminates your surroundings with LED lights.
RINA will talk to the player during the investigation. She may tweet something important.

3 "Work with RINA"
If RINA finds something, press and hold the wheel button on your mouse to move RINA to that location.

Features of this game

  • This is an FPS adventure game.
  • A game that emphasizes exploration rather than action.
    (It is not suitable for players who want to defeat many enemies.)
  • No jumpscares.
  • If you get a room key, you can open any room door. However, once it is used, it is removed from the inventory.
  • Inventory, a fixed container, save and load functions, recovery Items, a handgun, and a female friend RINA who follows the player.
  • Zombie ghost, Novel (?) enemy character that a zombie became a ghost.
  • The forest (Tutorial), the hospital, the ???, and the last scene.
  • Locating keys, visiting clues, and the player reaches the last scene.
  • Music composed for this game.


  • W, A, S, D - Move
  • Hold down the wheel button on the mouse - If RINA finds something, she moves to that location.
  • Right-Click - Zooming, Targeting(When equipped with a handgun), Using and Equipping (Inventory)
  • Left-Click - Shoot a handgun (When equipped with a handgun), operate a switch, drag to move a drawer, etc.
  • E - Get items, Open the door
  • R - Reload a gun(When equipped with a handgun)
  • Q - Examine
  • SpaceKey - Jump
  • C - Crouch down
  • TAB key - Inventory
  • H - Put a party hat on RINA's head.