HuddyD's Eggdog Simulator | Xbox One

HuddyD's Eggdog Simulator
Xbox One

The Cult of the Eggcats have kidnapped the Kiwi and broken into the Vault of Sweetness! The Empire looks to Eggdog, a legendary(?) hero who hails from the island of Baguette. His task is to recover the 33 strawberries which were scattered everywhere after the Eggcat raid! The Omelette Empire depends on him!

This game is packed full of crazy parkour, funny looking sky mechanics, and extreme lag spikes! This is the first ever official game made by HuddyD, and was made for his Game Design class in late 2019/ early 2020.

Please, give me feedback and suggestions! And remember, there's still more to come!

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Update Log

Past Updates:



Current Version:

v1.01: Enhanced Edition


Planned Updates

v1.10: The Utility Update

Adds settings for sound, fullscreen, better field of view, and 3rd person. 

v1.20: The Subway Update

Adds a small new area, the Underground: a subway system that doubles as hiding place for the Vault of Sweetness.

v1.30: The Vertical Update

Adds vertical movement! (finally)

v1.40: The Easter Egg Update

Adds a ton of random references to the game, mostly from HuddyD's childhood. It's not necessary, it's just fun.

v1.50: The Update Update

Wait... isn't that a paradox? Well, it adds a shader to the world and improves UI.

v2.00: The Strawberry Update

Strawberries now spin, and there are 101 Strawberries! Makes the Father Strawberry stay despawned until all 100 regulars have been obtained. Adds Golden Strawberries, which are super hard to find strawberries to find. 

v2.10: The Ability Update

There's now a shop... and you can purchase new abilities using the new coins found in your journeys across the Omelette Empire!

v2.10 and on