Humble Rumble - A Christmas Brawl | Xbox One

Humble Rumble - A Christmas Brawl
Xbox One

Fight up to three couch buddies in this extreme, thrilling, not gory (there's only so much you can do in 48 hours) brawling title where you play as a rushing and violent Santa that has to deliver as many presents as possible in the given time. 

Santa's sleigh randomly drops presents that are colour coded and need to be delivered to the appropriate homes, however beware of the other Santas - previously known as your friends -  who will fight you for them. 

Defeat them by pushing them or by throwing any object available at them. 

Being knocked over means that you will drop your present or whatever object you are carrying and that it can be picked up by other Santas! 

Avoid cars driving down the road and ice patches that will slow you down and make you a prime target for other bin-flingers. 

Play on either keyboard for up to 2 players  or a controller - we don't judge. Use 'E' or 'O' on keyboard to join, or any button on a controller. 

Strongly recommended that you play this with friends, or, at the very least, another creature capable of pressing 4 buttons. 

Defeat the other Santas, win and trash-talk your friends for as long as enjoyable.